Founded in 2016, Beauty of Science (BOS) is an educational brand that produces inspiring content for K-12 science education. 

The BOS team is led by Yan Liang, Ph.D., who is the main creator of Beautiful Chemistry, a project with the goal to bring the beauty of chemistry to the general public. Its chemical reaction videos have been viewed over 5 million times and won an Experts’ Choice Award in 2015 Vizzies Visualization Challenge organized by NSF and Popular Science magazine. Building on the success of Beautiful Chemistry, the main focus of BOS is to create more high-quality content (videos, comics, books) that could bring the beauty and wonder of science to more people.

BOS is operated by XinZhi Digital Media (新知数媒), a K-12 education company located in Hefei, China. “Inspire to Learn” is the mission of the company. “XinZhi” means “new knowledge” in English.

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