Envisioning Chemistry

The sequel to the award-winning project Beautiful Chemistry.
(Coming Fall 2017)

In 2014, we released a project called Beautiful Chemistry, which let millions of people discover the beauty of chemical reactions and won a number of prestige awards including the Experts' Choice Award of VIZZIES Visualization Challenge.

Three years later, we are working on the sequel, Envisioning Chemistry. Taking advantages of the state-of-the-art photography equipment, including high-resolution microscopes, thermal imaging infrared cameras, high-speed cameras, and 4K Ultra HD cameras, we reveal the beauty of chemical reactions like never before. One preview video (below) of Envisioning Chemistry was one of the Top Ten 2016 of National Geographic's Short Film Showcase.

Envisioning Chemistry will be available in Fall 2017 with eight topics:

1. It Happens Every Day — Physical and Chemical Changes
2. Going down — Precipitation Reactions
3. Going up — Gas Generating Reactions
4. Color Magic — Acid and Base
5. Metallic Plants — Metal Displacement Reactions
6. Play with Fire — Combustion
7. Cold and Warm — Thermochemistry
8. It’s Electrifying — Electrochemistry

We are looking for potential sponsors of Envisioning Chemistry. If your company or organization is interested, please contact us.

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