The Prospects is a CG 360 video about why humans are driven to uncover the secrets of the world through 4 scenes. This 360 video is also available in Samsung VR,  Jaunt VRThe VR Cinema. It is also the official selection of FIVARS 2016 and VR Sci Fest 2017.


Scene 1: The Room of Knowledge

Humans are hungry for knowledge. Throughout history, we have accumulated a massive amount of knowledge of the world around us.


Scene 2: The Neutrino Detector

But we never stop acquiring new knowledge. We keep pushing the limits to learn about the ultimate truths of the physical world.


Scene 3: The DNA

And we are unlocking the secrets of life at an unprecedented speed. 


Scene 4: The Cosmos

One significant motive for this endless pursuit is that we always hope that our deeper understanding of the natural world and ourselves will prepare us to find a new home in the vast Universe.




Yan Liang

The DNA model generated with mMaya.
The Cosmos scene used a photo from NASA.