Sichuan Narrow-mouthed Frog



Sichuan narrow-mouthed frog (Kaloula rugifera) is frog species in the family of Microhylidae. It is an endemic species to China. Sichuan narrow-mouthed frog is a relatively small frog, not much bigger than a US quarter. The body colors of this species can vary from brown, grey to olive green.


Gallery 01: Sichuan Narrow-mouthed Frog



Searching for Sichuan Narrow-mouthed Frog at Night

Sichuan narrow-mouthed frogs are nocturnal animals. Besides hiding inside cavities on the ground, they can also climb up trees and hide inside tree holes. During breeding season from June to August, they can also be found gathering near temporary pools and ponds.

In the video below, BOS photographer Jingling Miao and guide Hui Li searched for these little creatures at night in the suburb of Chengdu City and documented their interesting behaviors such as playing dead.


Gallery 02: Sichuan Narrow-mouthed Frog in Their Habitat



A female Sichuan narrow-mouthed frog can lay up to 3000 eggs in the water. Each egg has a dark yolk in the center, encapsulated by transparent jelly. It takes about 20 days for the eggs to develop into little frogs.


Gallery 03: Sichuan Narrow-mouthed Frog Life Cycle


The beauty of Sichuan Narrow-mouthed Frog

Sichuan narrow-mouthed frogs are cute animals but very little information about them can be found online. That’s why we have spent so many efforts in photographing them. In the gallery below, we hope you can find their beauty like we do. We believe that once you have spent enough time with a species, you will start appreciate its beauty and the wonder of nature.


Gallery 04: The Beauty of Sichuan Narrow-mouthed Frog



Photographer: Jingling Miao
Producer: Yan Liang


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